What do you do?

We are an online video production company based in Hollywood, CA that produces great video content for advertisers, small businesses, and even other video companies. We can help with specific areas, or along every step of the way, from concept to content distribution.

How do I get started and what are the processes involved?

Every project is unique, and we cater to each client's preferred workflows. You may view our process page to get a general idea of how we tend to approach projects, and what to expect when we begin. 


To get going, start with filling out our quote form. Once you have an account generated with us through the quote form, you will also have access to our client area with the login credentials created. If you have not received email notifications from us after submitting a quote request, please send an email reporting the issue to info@videofactory.tv

How long does it take?

Every project is unique, and a detailed time schedule will be provided with the quote. Generally, we try to keep all projects within a 10 business day turn-around window.

All of our turn-around times are 100% money back guaranteed! Nobody else in the industry offers this guarantee. If we don't deliver your final project by the time we said we would, you still get the completed video but owe nothing.

What if the completed video is needed sooner than quoted?

We try to accommodate everyone's deadlines, and can throw more firepower at your project if needed. Just let us know what your deadline is and we can add expedited service fees to the quote.

What factors determine the quote?

Duration, complex animation requirements (3d liquid, hair simulation, etc), required visual effects, delivery date, and release of project files are the most inherent variables. 

What is your revision policy?

Instead of enforcing a revision number limit, we instead simply have revision dates written into the production schedule and included in the quote. Revisions outside the allocated time are billed by the hour.

What languages can you provide voice over talent for?

We work closely with a large database of voice-over artists for a huge variety of languages and accents. Voice-over samples are available upon request by our clients.

What are the payment terms?

First time customers may be requested to fund an escrow account or to submit a deposit for their first project with us. Registered and established companies with a good credit rating may be omitted from having to submit to escrow.


Other than for first time clients, we bill for the job upon completion and expect payment within 30 days. Deposits may be requested to cover expenses, and is determined whether necessary during the quote process. 

We will cover all transaction costs, and can process all major debit / credit cards. 


Invoices overdue 90 days are sent to collections and are to be processed through the agency assigned to the account.

Do you credit Video Factory in the video?

No, but we would be honored to add it if thats what you want.

Can you add music or SFX to my audio?

Absolutely. We have an extensive music & sfx library and we can add just about anything you can imagine to the audio of your production. 

Will you give us a sample read of a talent to make sure we like the voice before we commit to using them?

Please listen to the talent's demo on our voice overs page and choose based on what you hear there. 

I want the VO talent to provide a couple of different reads. Can I get a few takes of the script?

Yes. Each read will be billed by runtime. Only one is provided unless otherwise requested.

Can the talent read part of a script with their regular voice and the other part of the script in a character or accented voice?

Sure. Each voice is billed by runtime.

Can I get a phone-patch with your voice talent or talk to your talent in person?

No. To keep providing clients with a low-cost VO, we cannot provide phone patches or phone calls with the talent. We provide direction based on your request notes to the talent, so please be as detailed as possible when telling us about how you want it read.

I've made a change to the narrative script. Does re-recording VO incur cost?

Yes. You will be billed by runtime for re-reads due to copy or instruction change. The schedule may be affected as well due to extensive animation changes, which would be billed by production day rate.

If we ask that you select the voice over talent for us but we end up not liking talent selected, can we change the talent for no additional charge?

No. We will do our best to select the most appropriate talent for video if asked to do so but all voice over production is billed by runtime. 

Who qualifies for 0% down payment, net 30 billing?

A 0% down, net 30 billing agreement is offered to incorporated entities that have been establised 2 or more years and maintain a good credit and payment history as reported by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. To determine eligability of applicants, we may run a credit inquiry on your company to determine the following factors: Duration in business, average invoice payment times, tax liens, overall debt obligations, and estimated annual revenue. Please note that sole proprietorships or single-member LLCs may potentially disclose personal credit information to us during these credit checks due to the nature of these particular business formations. 

How does financing work?

Financing is offered by Bill Me Later®, Inc., a PayPal™ service. If you wish to finance your project, let us know after you receive the quote but before we start production. Bill Me Later® is subject to credit approval, as determined by the lender, Comenity Capital Bank.